Sunday, 13 May 2012


The Programme

Events take place on the hour from noon till 7pm in The Great Eastern Kitchen, part of Westfield's Great Eastern Market on the lower ground floor of the centre at the Waitrose end.

Noon and 1pm
Japan Centre's Umai Sushi School demonstrate how to make sushi using smoked fish and natto (a traditional Japanese food made from soybeans fermented with Bacillus subtilis.
A flight of kimchi. QED's Iain Liddell relates his experiences making kimchi and shares the results. 
Jerome Tabarie of Une Normande a Londres  leads a tasting of cheeses. As well as discovering some delicious flavours, learn about the role that fermentation has in a range of dairy products. Some of the cheeses might also show the influence of alcohol (rind-washing) or smoke.
Love bread? Sourdough is one of the most traditional and tasty ways of producing a raised loaf. Karaway 's Nadia Gencas shows you what it is and demonstrates the differences it makes to the qualities of the finished product.
Ubuntu is a Zulu word meaning togetherness and humanity to others. Jeremy Wickremer of Ubuntu Chocolate will explain how this philosophy is a guiding principle in his company whilst conducting a tasting of different chocolates.
What wine with...? QED's David Natt and foodwriter Silvija Davidson explore what wines work best with some of the smoked products available from the Great Eastern and/or QED Fire and Ferment markets. Taste along with them and see what you think.
Lifting the lid on surströmming... Surströmming is a form of fermented herring and is allegedly potent enough to make seagulls fall from the sky if a tin of it is opened on deck out at sea. How brave are you?

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